About: Marcia Waldman

Thanks to the incredible skill and patience of her Great Aunt Anna and her mom, Marcia Waldman learned to knit when she was six years old and never stopped. She clearly remembers sitting on the deck one warm summer day in 1970 with a ball of yarn pulled from mom’s stash, a pair of spare needles, and a glass of iced tea with mint leaves in it, as Aunt Anna taught her to cast on and knit her first garter stitch swatch. “Look,” Marcia exclaimed enthusiastically as she gained momentum. “I can knit, too.” And knit she did, taking what Aunt Anna and mom had taught her that day and teaching herself new skills along the way. Marcia has always been predisposed to anything creative—drawing, painting, singing, piano, theater, embroidery, writing—so it is only fitting that she asked mom and Aunt Anna to teach her to knit on that fine summer day. With all of that creative energy churning inside her, Marcia naturally chose a career path that would allow her to express her creative side as much as possible. Armed with a degree in magazine journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Marcia worked for a short time as a journalist, only to learn that sadly, what she had heard was true—most journalists do not earn enough money to move out of their parents’ house after college or support their knitting yarn habit. Indeed, Marcia’s meager salary did not provide enough money for either. While Marcia no longer works as a journalist, she has always taken advantage of the opportunities that her communications degree afforded her, drawing on the skills that she learned in her journalism classes. These skills have come in handy throughout the years as a project manager, instructional designer, and proposal writer. These later careers proved to be better suited to support Marcia’s growing yarn habit. Though the job titles have changed over the years, knitting has remained a constant. Marcia enjoys taking on projects that challenge her to learn a new skill that she had not previously mastered. She’s learned a lot since Aunt Anna and mom first taught her garter stitch, but she still remains grateful that they taught her to pick up sticks and knit. In addition to knitting, Marcia is also a singer. She especially loves singing with the choir at Congregation M’kor Shalom. Marcia lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.

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