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“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” Helen Keller

I love this quote almost as much as I love sunflowers. Perhaps my summer birthday plays a role, but whenever the sun shines, I can’t help but turn my face towards the sun and bask in all its glory. I used to joke that if I was to die and come back to life as a flower, it would surely be as a sunflower.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love sunflowers and knitting, so it seemed only fitting as I searched for a name for my new blog that I should somehow combine these two passions. So welcome to the world Sunflower Knits. I am Sunflower, and I love to knit.

I draw my knitting inspiration from many sources—nature, music, my Jewish heritage, my passion for social justice—and it is about these things that I plan to blog. I plan to explore not only topics of interest in the fiber arts world, but also how my passion for fiber arts is so often knitted together with my passion for other things in life. And if from time to time I wax poetic about sunshine and sunflowers, well, so be it—we all have to draw inspiration from somewhere.


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